Friends of The Web designs and builds websites, mobile applications, and other digital products. Below is a small selection of some of our past work.

Spring 2015 – Ongoing
Frere-Jones Type
Website Design & Development

Throughout his extensive career, Tobias Frere-Jones has proven himself to be one of the world’s most prolific type designers. When he decided to go independent and start his own foundry, he contacted us to design and build his new website. We designed the site to direct as much attention as possible to the type itself, with the interface receding into the background. One of our main focuses was making the complex pricing system for various combinations of licenses and type styles clear and intuitive.


  • Tobias Frere-Jones
    Founder & Design Director
  • Christine Bateup
    Director of Business & Licensing
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Winter 2013 – Ongoing
Tall Chess
Concept, Design, & Development

Disappointed with the quality of chess games available in the App Store, we set out to build our own in 2013. The rectangular board, a distinguishing feature of Tall Chess, allows for height variation between the pieces which improves board readability, creates larger tap targets when making a move, and makes the best use of the entire screen of the device, encouraging players to focus on the game. Tall Chess allows you to play with other people through Game Center or locally against a configurable AI.

Spring 2013 – Ongoing
Web Development & “De Facto CTO”

Richard Greiner and Andy Forch started Huckberry in their apartment in 2011. They reached out to us in the spring of 2013 to help make some improvements to Huckberry’s mobile experience, and in early 2014, after almost a year of working together, we decided to begin working a new version of the site. We rebuilt every aspect of Huckberry, from the customer to the warehouse, and launched in June of 2014 after migrating all of the products, customer accounts, and orders. Since then, we've had an ongoing relationship with Huckberry, continuing to improve the site, helping to make high-level decisions about architecture and technologies, and overseeing a rotating cast of web developers contributing to the project.


  • Richard Greiner
  • Andy Forch
  • Jeff Masamori
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Winter 2012 – Fall 2017
House Industries
Web Development & Design Consulting

House Industries is primarily a type foundry, designing and selling over 40 font families. Through collaborations with a number of prestigious brands all over the world, they also sell a variety of physical products. After building two different iOS apps for House in 2011 and 2012, we began working together on a site to accommodate the sale of different types of products under one roof. The home page mixes House’s products and type offerings together, emphasizing that even though House works on seemingly unrelated projects, their unique voice always comes through.


  • Rich Roat
  • Andy Cruz
  • Bondé Prang
    Graphic Designer
  • Ben Kiel
    “Cat Wrangler”
  • Jess Riddle
    “Assistant VP of Pixels”
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Fall 2013 – Ongoing
App Development & Design Consulting

Nick Felton has made a name for himself creating extensive and beautiful annual reports about his personal life every year from 2005 to 2014. In 2012, he commissioned a simple iOS app for his own private use to allow him to track data that typically goes unmeasured with randomly timed, short surveys. In the fall of 2013, we worked with Nick to rebuild this app and bring it to the public, and we’ve been continuing to improve and maintain the app since.


  • Nick Felton
    Creator & Designer
  • Drew Breunig
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Summer 2014 – Ongoing
USD Insight
App Concept, Design, & Development

Avi Badwal is committed to making the University of San Diego one of the country’s most tech savvy campuses. During the summer of 2014 we worked with him to design five possible iOS applications to help aid students in their academic endeavors. After carefully considering all the options, we decided to build a to-do list app aimed specifically at college students and taking advantage of information that USD already has available about them. Insight automatically creates lists for each class a student is enrolled in, reminds them of class meeting times, and allows students to track their time spent on specific assignments.


  • Avi Badwal
    Senior Director, ERP Technologies
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Winter 2015 – Winter 2016
Web Development & Design Consulting

In November of 2014, Fab co-founder Bradford Shellhammer came to us with an ambitious goal: launch a brand new marketplace for designers to sell a variety of products in under four months. We worked closely with Bradford and his team to build and release a referral system in January of 2015 and the first version of Bezar just three months later. The site allowed their team to curate products from hundreds of designers shipped from all over the country and sell those products through a consistent and reliable storefront. Our relationship with Bezar continued through their acquisition in January of 2016.


  • Bradford Shellhammer
    Founder & CEO
  • Pieter Jan Mattan
    Founder & Creative Director
  • Jim England
    Director of Product
Summer 2014
USGBC: Discover LEED
Concept, Design, & Development

The USGBC’s mission is to promote sustainability in building construction, operations, and maintenance. They developed the LEED rating system to help building owners use resources efficiently and be environmentally responsible. As the rating system grew in complexity, they reached out to us to create a tool that would allow non-technical industry outsiders to understand LEED. We designed, illustrated, and built a website that allows a visitor to the site to answer a few simple questions to better understand which rating systems apply to which projects.


  • Ashley Katz
    Director of Corporate Communications & Marketing
  • Tiffany Coyle
    Digital Marketing Associate
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2012 – Ongoing
Concept, Design, & Development

Since starting Friends of The Web in early 2011, we tried many different time tracking and invoicing tools. After a lot of frustration, we decided to start building our own in 2012. We’ve been using Dayswork internally since January of 2013, and in the fall of 2014 we released it to the public. Dayswork features a timeline for viewing and manipulating a user’s recorded tracks, graphs effort on different projects and tasks over time, and creates beautiful and simple PDF invoices.

Summer 2012
Concept, Design, & Development

As frequent readers of Wikipedia™, we often find ourselves following links from page to page, learning about topics we didn’t anticipate. The connections between articles, all of which are made manually by contributors, show relationships that sometimes go unnoticed. We built Wikiweb to visualize these links and create a new reading experience for one of our favorite information sources.