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Friends of The Web designs and develops custom web and mobile applications with Ruby on Rails, React, Solidus, and Swift.

Our Team

Andy Mangold


Josh Hepworth


Dan Martens


Anthony Mattox


Mary Mohler


Tim Camber


Jonathan Rochkind

Dai Foldes


Jen Evans


Our interdisciplinary team consists of designers, software developers, one astrophysicist, one English major, and one type designer.

Our Process

Our process is driven by a clearly defined objective for our clients and their customers. We ask difficult questions. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach and strive to comprehend every aspect of each project we work on. Through close collaboration, our designers understand technical possibilities and limitations and our engineers understand the purpose behind each design decision.

Our Tools

We use a wide variety of modern languages and frameworks and are always looking for an opportunity to try something new. Current preferred technologies include:

Our Services

Design Sprints and Prototyping — Our design sprints allow us to test assumptions about a new product or feature without the expense of complete implementation. The resulting prototype can be used for presentations, user testing, or simply internal evaluation before beginning an extensive project.  More Info...

Product Design & Development — Designing and building functional websites and applications is an entirely different challenge than making websites to advertise a business or product. We work closely with a few carefully selected partners to make complex and powerful tools intuitive and approachable.  More Info...

App Icon Design & Product Branding — One of our favorite parts of the product design process is summarizing the personality and functionality of an app in a simple and engaging icon, logo, or promotional website. If you’ve got a proposed or finished product, we can give it the presence and branding it deserves.  More Info...

On-Location Consulting — We’re available for consulting, occasionally on-location, to help your company tackle specific design, engineering, or strategy challenges.  More Info...