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Friends of The Web is a small company making web and mobile applications that are carefully built and thoughtfully designed.

Our Team

Andy Mangold


Josh Hepworth


Dan Martens


Anthony Mattox


Mary Mohler


Tim Camber


Daniel Inoa


Jonathan Rochkind

Dai Foldes


Jen Evans


Our interdisciplinary team consists of graphic designers, software developers, one astrophysicist, one English major, and one type designer.

Our Purpose

We are a software development company that is driven and inspired by great design. Quality is at the very core of what we do and we believe firmly in an integrated approach. We design in code, work iteratively, and recognize that digital products and services are never ‘done’. We founded Friends of The Web in 2011 because we wanted to work on a wide variety of projects, continue to learn new things, push our own limitations, and have the opportunity to put our own ideas into the world.

Our Services

Product Design & Development — Designing and building functional websites and applications is an entirely different challenge than making websites to advertise a business or product. We work closely with a few carefully selected partners to make complex and powerful tools intuitive and approachable.  More Info...

Early Phase Prototyping — We bring all of our expertise and experience from developing full products to building early phase prototypes for new products or revamped versions of existing ones. These prototypes are built in native technologies and are a comparatively affordable representation of the true look and feel of a product.  More Info...

App Icon Design & Product Branding — One of our favorite parts of the product design process is summarizing the essence, personality, and functionality of an app in a simple and engaging icon, logo, or promotional website. If you’ve got a proposed or finished website or app, we can give it the presence and branding it deserves.  More Info...

Consulting — We’re available for consulting, occasionally on-location, to help your company tackle specific design, engineering, or strategy challenges.  More Info...